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This page gives access to our forums and also allows our existing customers to open a Support Ticket for any problems they may be experiencing. If you believe you need to open a Support Ticket, please visit our forums first as your query/problem may have already been covered there.

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If you are experiencing issues with messages such as "Your copy of Windows is not Genuine" or "You may be a victim of counterfeit software", this is simply a Product Key/Activation issue. Please read this thread    to resolve these problems.


If you cannot find a solution to your issue by searching our forums, then please feel free to open a Support Ticket.

When doing this, please bear in mind to -

     - Provide your order number, and the full name of the person who placed the order with us.
     - Provide as much information on your issue as possible. This includes error codes, software used at the time of the incident, and even picture attachments of the screen if you believe this will help further (attachments are limited to 1.0MB). Doing this will ensure our technicians have a clear understanding of what is happenning, and will allow them to provide you with relevant and helpful suggestions much quicker.
     - Be patient for a response from our tehcnicians. A new Support Ticket will be available to be viewed by all of our technicians, and they will most likely be collaborating their ideas together before posting an official response to you. All new Support Tickets are aimed at being responded to within 24 hours.

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